ANNA: an Angiosperm NLR Atlas

ANNA is a open database that collects annotated protein sequences of the largest class plant disease resistance gene family from angiosperm genomes. ANNA now contains over 90,000 NLR genes from 304 angiosperm genomes, including 18707 TNL genes, 70737 CNL genes and 1847 RNL genes.

The genomes list in ANNA includes 4 basal angiosperm species, 65 monocots, 230 dicots, one ceratophyllales and five magnoliids species. These species belong to 85 families from 37 of the 64 angiosperm orders and are widely distributed among major clades of angiosperm.

Contact: If you have any questions about ANNA, please do not hesitate to contact Zhu-Qing Shao or Jian-Qun Chen: (Z.Q.S.) and (J.Q.C.)