This is resource page of Systematic annotation of conservation states provides insights into regulatory regions in rice manuscript. This page mainly includes the raw gram genome data used in the article, the Lastz alignment results and the final annotation of the conserved non-coding sequences of rice. You can download genomic data, sequence alignment results data and conserved(non-coding) annotations, and some of the results can be visualized through the Genome Browser.

Overview Also pipeline

You can download the entire duplicate annotated genome file used in article by clicking on the Download button below.


Genome Synteny Lastz result

Lastz alignment results can be downloaded by clicking on the Download button below, and related results visualization by clicking on the Browser button.

Download Browser

ConsHMM Source of CNS

We defined the conserved sequences of rice by ConsHMM and Phastcons, again, the results can be downloaded by clicking the Download button below and visualized by clicking Browser.

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